Group Exhibitions

2024 - Collections/Revelations., Luxembourg

Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart Luxembourg City Luxembourg

In addition to all-time favourites like van Rysselberghe’s Portrait de Laure Flé (1898), Picasso’s Paysage de Cannes au crepuscule (1960) and de Chirico’s Piazza d’Italia (1970), the presentation will also feature a wealth of new acquisitions from the past four years, on show for the very first time at the museum. An exciting programme of events and activities also accompanies the exhibition.

2023 - Unseen, The Netherlands

Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands

Gallery Ron Mandos displayed a selection of works from the Squares series next to photographs by Hans van Manen.

2023 - Flowers Forever, Germany

Kunsthalle München Munich Germany

With objects from art, design, fashion and natural science, Flowers Forever offers a fascinating, elaborately staged tour through the cultural history of flowers from antiquity to the present day.

2022 - Inside the Outside – Pioneers in Lens-Based Media, The Netherlands

CODA Museum Apeldoorn The Netherlands

Im Wald, Auf dem See, 2020 displayed at "Inside the Outside – Pioneers in Lens-Based Media" exhibition in CODA Museum, Apeldoorn.

2022 - Erwin Olaf & Hans Op de Beeck: Inspired by Steichen, Luxembourg

Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg City Luxembourg

Musée national d'histoire et d'art organises a duo show with Erwin Olaf and Hans op de Beeck.

2022 - Unseen, The Netherlands

Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands

Gallery Ron Mandos displayed a selection of works from the Dance in Close-Up: Hans van Manen seen by Erwin Olaf series.
A small flashback to the exhibition held in the gallery last summer.

2022 - The Armory Show, USA

Houk Gallery New York USA

Erwin Olaf's series Grief 2007 on the display at Houk Gallery booth.

2022 - The Armory Show, USA

Ron Mandos Gallery New York USA

Ron Mandos Gallery will present to you Erwin Olaf's Im Wald, 2020 series this year.

2022 - FLASH│BACK, The Netherlands

Mauritshuis The Hague The Netherlands

Erwin Olaf is invited to create a special artwork for Mauritshuis, to celebrate their 200 year anniversary. The work will be on display in the group show titled FLASH│BACK.

2022 - The Circus We Are, Belgium

Le Delta House of Culture Namurs Belgium

Le Delta, House of Culture in Namur, Belgium, shows the entire series April Fool, including the three channel video installation, in their group show The Circus We Are.

2021 - FUCK YOU! Kunstenhuis Harelbeke, Belgium, Belgium

Kunstenhuis Harelbeke Harelbeke Belgium

Erwin Olaf's works Tamed & Anger (2015) and Rouge (2004) are shown alongside works by Elodie Antoine, Francesca Casu, Klaus Verscheure and many others in the "political, punk and radical" exhibition FUCK YOU! in Kunstenhuis Harelbeke. On display from 10 October until 14 November.

2021 - Daegu Photo Biennale, South Korea

Daegu Photo Biennale Daegu South Korea

April Fool (2020) is selected for the Daegu Photo Biennale, in Daegu, South Korea. Theme of this edition is 'Missing Agenda', referring to the cancelled appointments due to covid-19.

2021 - AntwerpPhoto Festival, Belgium

AntwerpPhoto Antwerp Belgium

Explore the work of top photographers and up-and-coming talent from Belgium and Beyond at the 2nd AntwerpPhoto Festival. This summer visitors can take in exhibitions by Jummy Kets, Erwin Olaf, Steve McCurry, Iconobelge III, the Prix Carmingnac and the graduation projects of St-Lucas Antwerp.

2020 - True Fictions, Italy

Palazzo Magnani Reggio Emilia Italy

In the group show 'True Fiction' Erwin Olaf's works are shown alongside works by James Casebere, Bruce Charlesworth, Eileen Cowin and many more.

2020 - Futuro, Italy

Gallerie d'Italia in Vicenza Vicenza Italy

In the group show 'Futuro' Erwin Olaf's works are shown alongside works by Boccioni, Depero, Fontana and many more.

2020 - What will the neighbours say?, The Netherlands

Groninger Museum Groningen The Netherlands

In the group show 'What will the neighbours say' Erwin Olaf's 'Pearls' is shown alongside works by Cornelie Tollens and Diana Arbus.

2020 - Il Futuro è ora. Arte e società dagli anni Sessanta a oggi, Italy

Gallerie d'Italia Venice Vicenza Italy

Desirée from series Blacks will be shown in a group show in Galleria d'Italia Vicenza called "Futuro. Arte e società dagli anni Sessanta a domani" (Future. Art and society from the sixties to tomorrow"), Italy, curated by Luca Beatrice and Walter Guadagnini. New dates: on display from 3 October until 7 February 2021.

2020 - Museum Morsbroich, Germany

Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen Germany

The group exhibition Object Love travels to Germany, and can be seen with the German title 'Liebes Ding' in Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen. On display from 26 January until 26 April 2020.

2019 - Marie-Antoinette, Metamorphoses of an Image, France

Conciergerie Paris France

On display in Paris will be Erwin Olaf's portrait of Marie-Antoinette, from series 'Royal Blood', in an exhibition focussing on the representations of the former queen of France. Exhibition runs from 6 October 2019 until 26 January 2020.

2019 - Story Smuggler, China

Danysz Gallery Shanghai China

Danysz Gallery curated an exhibition entitled 'Story Smuggler', with works from Erwin Olaf and Maleonn. On display until 31 October.

2019 - Photo Brussels Festival, Belgium

Hangar Art Centre Brussels Belgium

Erwin Olaf's film 'Life – For Mom' will be shown during the fourth edition of Photo Brussels Festival, in Hangar Art Centre. From 15 November until 21 December 2019.

2018 - Cairns Art Gallery, Australia

Cairns Art Gallery Cairns Australia

The Cairns Art Gallery hosts a group show with works by Erwin Olaf and Hendrik Kerstens.

2018 - De Domijnen, The Netherlands

De Domijnen Sittard-Geleen The Netherlands

'Chanel', from series 'Fashion Victims' (2000) is shown in a group show entitled 'Object Love', an exhibition questioning the intimate relations between humans and things.

2018 - Vogue Like a Painting, Denmark

Kunstforeningen GL Strand Copenagen Denmark

The beautiful travelling exhibition 'Vogue Like A Painting' has hit Copenhagen. For this occassion the exhibition is enriched with another portrait of Erwin Olaf from the same series.

2017 - Museum Jan Cunen, The Netherlands

Museum Jan Cunen Oss The Netherlands

Museum Jan Cunen shows Erwin Olaf's portraits of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, in their group show ' Vrouwen van Oranje - Portretten van vijf koninginnen (Women of Orange - Portraits of five queens)'. Besides the portraits Erwin Olaf made in 2011 his most recent portrait, made in 2017, is also on display.

2017 - Petra Lossen - Political Poetical, Switzerland

Gallery Art & Business Zurich Switzerland

Erwin Olaf's 'Berlin, Freimaurer Loge Dahlem - 22nd of April, 2012' features in an exhibition curated by Paco Barragán and Petra Lossen at Gallery Art and Business, Zurich. Also included in this exhibition are works from, amongst others, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Santiago Sierra, and Josie McCoy.

2017 - Villa Rot, Germany

Villa Rot Rot Germany

Villa Rot organises a group show entitled 'Helle Kindheid / Dunkle Kindheid', with two works by Erwin Olaf from his series 'Berlin' (2012).

2017 - Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Switzerland

Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie Zurich Switzerland

The group exhibition 'Encounters' at the Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie in Zurich brought together a number of photographic positions that explore the issues of lust, intimacy, fantasy und body. Work was shown from artists like Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Andres Serrano, Saul Leiter and Erwin Olaf.

2016 - 'After Rodin - Groninger Museum', The Netherlands

Groninger Museum Groningen The Netherlands

"Erwin Olaf honours Rodin with these series of photographs, Made especially for Groninger Museum. The poses are inspired by iconic sculptures of the artist, but are not literal quotations. The softness of the light and the details of the setting refer to his work."

2017 - Hangaram Art Museum, South Korea

Hangaram Art Museum Seoul South Korea

The magnificent exhibition 'Vogue - Like A Painting', with works by Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker and Erwin Olaf among many others, is travelling. Next stop: Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center.

2016 - 'Women's Independence', China

K11 Art Foundation Hong Kong China

A group exhibition at the K11 Art Foundation focused on women's independence, with artists including Erwin Olaf, Ekaterina Anokhina and Anastasia Potemkina. Curated by Magda Danysz.

2016 - 'Telling Tales: Contemporary Narrative Photography', USA

McNay Art Museum San Antonio USA

A group exhibition at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio focussed on narrative photography, including the series 'Grief', 'Rain', 'Dawn' and 'Berlin.

2016 - Allure [Fr. style, elegance], Germany

C/O Berlin Foundation Berlin Germany

From 28 May to 4 September 2016 C/O Berlin Foundation shows photographs from the Susanne von Meiss Collection in a group show entitled 'Allure [Fr. style, elegance]', with 'Berlin, Porträt 05 - 9th of July, 2012' from series 'Berlin'.

2016 - Renewed Past, Netherlands

CODA Museum Apeldoorn Netherlands

The exhibition Renewed Past in CODA Museum showed how themes, visual language and techniques from the past play a new, relevant role in contemporary art.

2016 - 'In Search of the Present', Finland

Espoo Museum of Modern Art Espoo Finland

A group exhibition at EMMA in Espoo including the series 'Berlin'.

2016 - Divine Decadence, Belgium

Gaasbeek Castle Gaasbeek Belgium

Works by Erwin Olaf from series 'Berlin' and 'Chessmen' are selected for a group show in the magnificent Gaasbeek Castle in Belgium, for which Erwin Olaf did a project in 2012, Les Derniers Hosneurs Rendus Aux Infortunes Illustrisismes Comtes D'Egmont Et De Horne. On display from 27 March to 26 June 2016

2016 - Evil Clowns Reloaded, Germany

Kunstpalais Erlangen Erlangen Germany

In a group exhibition entitled 'Böse Clowns_reloaded' ('Evil Clowns_reloaded)', Kunstpalais Erlangen will show a selection of six photographs from series 'Paradise The Portraits'.

2016 - 'Dutch Identity - Dutch Portrait Photography Now', The Netherlands

Museum De Fundatie Zwolle The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle with artists including Erwin Olaf, Koos Breukel, Marlene Dumas, and Anton Corbijn.

2016 - Lust and Crime. Nero - The Myth, Germany

Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier Trier Germany

Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier will show Erwin Olaf's 'Poppaea, † 65 AD' from series 'Royal Blood', in their group show titled 'Lust and Crime. Nero - The Myth'.
13 May - 16 October 2016

2016 - 'Catwalk', The Netherlands

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group show at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in 2016.

2015 - Silence Out Loud, The Netherlands

Museum Kranenburgh Bergen The Netherlands

Museum Kranenburg shows the installation 'Waiting, Shenzhen', in a group show curated by the late writer Joost Zwagerman, titled 'Silence Out Loud'. On display from 15 December until 12 June.

2015 - 'Hendrik Kerstens + Erwin Olaf', New Zealand

Whangarei Art Museum Whangarei New Zealand

A group exhibition at the Whangarei Art Museum including the series 'Keyhole'.

2015 - 80 Days of Summer - Stories of Identity, Belgium

Historische Huizen Gent Gent Belgium

During the summer of 2015 Historische Huizen Gent (Historical Houses Gent, a foundation that looks after 7 historical buildings in the city of Gent) devoted itself completely to photography. During this period they have shown works from series 'Keyhole' in one of these special buidlings.
12 June till 30 August 2015

2015 - Dusk to Dusk: Unsettled, Unraveled, Unreal, USA

Ben Maltz Gallery Los Angeles USA

The Ben Maltz Gallery at the Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, showed 'The Mother' from series 'Dusk' in a group show entitled 'Dusk to Dusk: Unsettled, Unraveled, Unreal'. Among the represented artists were Louise Bourgeois, Edward Burtynsky, Salvador Dalí and Gilbert & George.
11 April till 26 July 2015

2015 - 'Vogue: Like A Painting', Spain

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid Spain

A group exhibition at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza focussed on sixty photographs inspired by painting from the Vogue archive with artists including Erwin Olaf, Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker and Mario Sorrenti.

2015 - 'Juke Box', France

Fondation Francès Senlis France

A group exhibition at Fondation Francès focussing on Erwin Olaf's use of light in his work alongside works from their collection by artists including James Casebere, Desiree Dolron, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Samuel Rousseau and Aaron Young.

2015 - 'Memory Lab: Photography Challenges History', Luxembourg

MUDAM Luxembourg Luxembourg

A group exhibition at MUDAM in Luxembourg during the European Month of Photography, travelling to Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art, in Luxembourg.

2015 - 'Sweet 18', Belgium

Kasteel D'Ursel Hingene Belgium

A group exhibition at the Castle D'Ursel featuring Erwin Olaf's 'Marie-Antoinette, † 1792' from the series 'Royal Blood'.

2014 - 'Memory Lab: The Sentimental Turn. Photography Challenges History', Germany

Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin Germany

A group exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau during the European Month of Photography in Berlin, featuring all the carbon prints from the series 'Berlin'.

2014 - European Month of Photography, Austria

MUSA Vienna Austria

MUSA in Vienna also showed works from Erwin Olaf during their participation with the European Month of Photography, in the exhbition 'Memory Lab: Photography Challenges History'.
28 October 2014 - 21 March 2015

2014 - Nirvana, Switzerland

Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains Lausanne Switzerland

 Erwin Olaf's series 'Separation' will feature in the group exhibition 'Nirvana', in Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains (MUDAC) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Keep an eye on the website for more information.
29 October 2014 - 19 April 2015

2014 - Entrepreneur 4.0 'Portraying Visions', Germany

Innovationsfabrik WITTENSTEIN AG Igersheim-Harthausen Germany

 The carbon prints from series 'Berlin' are all on display until 2016 in the exhibition Entrepreneur 4.0 Award 2014 'Portraying Visions'.

2013 - 'Studio Portretten', The Netherlands

Amsterdam City Archives Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Amsterdam City Archives featuring the series 'Joods'.

2013 - The Naked And The Nude, USA

Grafiche dell'Artiere New York USA

26 September 2013

2013 - Photography Extended, The Netherlands

Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen The Netherlands

Museum Het Valkhof organised a large photography exhibition with Dutch artists. Focus of this show is photography in which the photographer had a preconceived plan from an artistic concept.
15 June - 27 October 2013

2013 - Through The Keyhole, New Zealand

Enjoy Wellington New Zealand

Together with works from artists Edith Amutuanai and Claire Harris Gallery Enjoy shows a selection of photographs from 'Keyhole' and the two movies from the homonymous series.
28 August - 21 September 2013

2013 - 'WHITE!', The Netherlands

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Nederlands Fotomuseum focussing on the colour white, with works from the series 'Paradise'. With artists including Guy Bourdin, Anton Corbijn, and Marlene Dumas.

2013 - Only You Only Me, France

Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles Paris France

 A group show in Paris, together with artists like Hubert Marecaille and Nicolas Provoost, in Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles.
24 April - 3 June 2013

2012 - Won Ocean, Germany

Neue Galerie Gladbeck Gladbeck Germany

Neue Galerie Gladbeck hosted a group show entitled 'WON OCEAN' with work by Erwin Olaf, Ruud van Empel, Desiree Dolron, Pascal Dombis and Carla Gannis amonst others.
16 November 2012 - 11 January 2013

2012 - World Treasures! From Cicero to Erwin Olaf, The Netherlands

Museum De Lakenhal Leiden The Netherlands

Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, The Netherlands, shows Erwin Olaf in a group exhibition, centered around the special collections of the University of Leiden. See the website of De Lakenhal for more details (Dutch only).
March 9 - June 30, 2013

2012 - Pearls, The Netherlands

Museum De Lakenhal Leiden The Netherlands

Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden showed Erwin Olaf's 'Pearls' and a portrait of Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, in a group show centered around the pearl in a cross border experience called 'PEARLS in the arts, nature & dance' (Dutch only).
September 16, 2012 - January 13, 2013

2012 - 'GuatePhoto 2012', Guatemala

GuatePhoto Guatemala City Guatemala

A group exhibition at GuatePhoto Photography Festival 2012.

2012 - 'Vanitas Contemporary Reflections', Russia

Moscow Museum of Modern Art Moscow Russia

A group exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art featuring the  series 'Royal Blood' and 'Blacks'.

2012 - I Am Not Interested In Reality, Germany

Galerie Wagner + Partner Berlin Germany

During the European Month Of Photography in Berlin gallery Wagner + Partner hosted the group show entitled 'I Am Not Interested In Reality´, in which Erwin Olaf's installation 'The Keyhole' was shown.
November 2 - 30, 2012

2012 - 'Basic Instincts', China

OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen China

A group exhibition at the OCT Art & Design Gallery.

2012 - 'MEGACOOL 4.0, Jugend und Kunst', Austria

Künstlerhaus Vienna Austria

A group exhibition at Künstlerhaus focusing on urbanism and the creativity of different city's youth cultures.

2012 - Paradox: The Limits Of Liberty, The Netherlands

Castrvm Peregrin Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group show in Castrvm Peregrini about the limits of liberty. Indepent curator Paco Barragán shows how worldrenowed artists define their own artistic limits through taboo-breaking work.

2012 - Knives for dark nights/Armes Blanches Pour Nuits Noires, Belgium

L'iselp Brussels Belgium

ISELP (French only), short for 'institut supérieur pour l'étude du langage plastique' or 'higher institute for visual language' in Brussels, hosted a group show containing work by Erwin Olaf. The exhibition focused on the knife, different international artists revealed its symbolism.
May 3rd - July 17th

2012 - 'Only You Only Me - Images of Love, Love of the Image', Belgium

BIP 2012 Liege Belgium

A group exhibition at BIP 2012, the 8th international biennial of photography and visual arts.

2011 - XXSmall | Carla van de Puttelaar and Erwin Olaf, The Netherlands

Gemeentemuseum, The Hague The Hague The Netherlands

From 12 November 2011 till 25 March 2012

2011 - 'No Fashion, Please!', Austria

Kunsthalle Wien Vienna Austria

A group exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien focussed on the rejection of traditional ideas of fashion and beauty with artists including Erwin Olaf, Tracey Baran, Jeff Bark, Viane Sassen and Bruce Weber.

2011 - Show Off -Ramin Salsali's private collection | Erwin Olaf, United Arab Emirates

Salsali Private Museum Dubai United Arab Emirates

Erwin Olaf is part of the inaugural exhibition of Ramin Salsali's private collection, shown in Dubai in the new Salsali Private Museum.
For more information visite the  SPM website
from 14 November 2011 till 23 February 2012

2011 - 'Interaction to Micro-Sociology: The Dual Thread of Media Intervention into Art in The Netherlands and China', China

Laboratory Art Beijing Beijing China

Exhibition where 'Rouge' and 'Le Dernier Cri' are being shown in Beijing with among others Marina Abramovic, Arno Coenen and Wang Luming.

2011 - 'DEAD_Lines', Germany

Von der Heydt Museum Wuppertal Germany

"Di +1997" from the Royal Blood Series by Erwin Olaf will be included in this show
Other artists ao are Jake and Dinos Chapman, Nick Cave and Nan Goldin
October 2011 till February 2012

2011 - 'The Siege of Leiden', The Netherlands

Museum De Lakenhal Leiden The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Museum De Lakenhal featuring new works made for and commissioned by the museum and the University of Leiden.

2011 - 'Kunst Macht Schule', Germany

Kunsthalle Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany

A group exhibition at Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

2011 - Basic Instincts, Germany

Villa Elisabeth Berlin Germany

From July 1st  2011 till July 31st 2011

2011 - International Fotofestiwal 'Out of mind', Poland

Fotofestiwal, Łódź Łódź Poland

2011 - 'Beauty Culture', USA

Annenberg Space for Photography Los Angeles USA

A group exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

2010 - 'Alexander The Great', The Netherlands

Hermitage Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Hermitage Amsterdam.

2010 - 'Decadence Now! Visions of Excess', Czech Republic

Gallerie Rudolfinum Prague Czech Republic

A group exhibition at Gallerie Rudolfinum featuring works from the series 'Fashion Victims', 'Royal Blood', and 'New York Times, Couture'.

2010 - 'DeLaMar', The Netherlands

DeLaMar Theater Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the DeLaMar Theater featuring a newly commission series made especially for permanent display at the theatre, alongside works by other photographers.

2010 - 'Best of Wonderland', Denmark

WAS Wonderland Art Space Copenhague Denmark

2010 - 'Cinema X: I Like to Watch', Canada

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Toronto Canada

A group exhibition at MOCCA.

2010 - De Pictura, En defensa de la belleza/In defence of beauty, Spain

EMAT Espai Metropolitan d'Art Valencia Spain

2010 - Ideal Lab / Longer Participation, France

International Design Biennial Saint-Etienne France

Transplant, August 14th - September 30th 2010

2010 - The unbearable lightness op being, United Arab Emirates

Carbon 12 Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates

Carbon 12 Dubai showed the series Dusk & Dawn in their group show.

2010 - 'Atopia, Art and the City in the 21st Century', Spain

CCCB Barcelona Spain

A group exhibition at CCCB.

2009 - 2010 'Something for Everyone', United Kingdom

Hamiltons Gallery London United Kingdom

2009 - 'Vision-Aussicht aufs Leben', Germany

Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie Darmstadt Germany

Visit website Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie

2009 - 'Peguena Historia de la Fotografia', Spain

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea Santiago de Compostela Spain

A group exhibition at CGA.

2009 - 'The Non-Age', Switzerland

Kunsthalle Winterthur Winterthur Switzerland

A group exhibition at Kunsthalle Winterthur.

2009 - 'The Non-Age. The Rebel of Age', Canary Islands (Spain)

Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo Lanzarote Canary Islands (Spain)

2009 - 'Wild Exaggeration', Israel

Haifa Museum of Art Haifa Israel

2009 - 'Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered', USA

Museum of the City of New York New York City USA

A group exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York organised together with FOAM Amsterdam and guest curated by Kathy Ryan, Photo Editor of The New York Times Magazine.

2009 - 'The Non-Age', Switzerland

Kunsthalle Winterthur Switzerland

2009 - 'All that is nothing melts into air', Belgium

MuHKA Antwerp Belgium

2009 - 'Why Look at Animals?', USA

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville USA

A group exhibition at MOCA.

2008 - 'Seravezza Fotografia', Italy

Palazzo Mediceo Seravezza Italy

A group exhibition at the Palazzo Mediceo.

2008 - 'Short Stories in Contemporary Photography', Switzerland

Museum Für Gestaltung Zurich Switzerland

A group exhibition at the Zurich Museum for Design.

2008 - Australian Centre For Photography, Australia

Australian Centre For Photography Sydney Australia

2008 - Actuele kunst in het Kasteel van Gaasbeek, The Netherlands

Kasteel van Gaasbeek Gaasbeek The Netherlands

2007 - 'Expressive Bodies', USA

The Kinsey Institute Gallery Bloomington USA

A group exhibition at The Kinsey Institute Gallery.

2007 - 'Oog / Eye', The Netherlands

FOAM Amsterdam The Netherlands

A group exhibition at FOAM.

2007 - 'Reality Bites', Germany

Galerie Caprice Horn Berlin Germany

2007 - 'Belleza Pericolosa', Italy

PAN - Palazzo delle Arti di Napolo Naples Italy

2007 - 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Spain

Galeria Espacio Minimo Madrid Spain

2007 - 'NYC Photo', USA

Phillips New York City USA

A group exhibition at Phillips.

2007 - 'Dangerous Beauty', USA

Chelsea Art Museum New York City USA

A group exhibition at Chelsea Art Museum.

2007 - 'The constructed image', Canada

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Toronto Canada

2007 - 'The veil/il velo', Italy

CeSAC Caraglio Italy

2006 - 'Cross-Referenced Messages - Talk with Reality in Time', Spain

Artium Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain

A group exhibition at Artium.

2006 - 'l'Esprit du Nord/Spirit of the North', France

Maison Europeenne de la Photographie Paris France

2006 - 'Why look at animals', USA

George Eastman House Rochester USA

2005 - 'The Other Europe. On Art and Political Incorectness', Norway

Galleri S.E. Bergen Norway

2005 - 'Baroque and Neo-Baroque. The Hell of the Beautifull', Spain

Salamanca Arts Centre Salamanca Spain

A group exhibition at Salamanca Arts Centre.

2005 - 'bac!05', Spain

Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona Barcelona Spain

2005 - 'Going Dutch', USA

Museum of New Art Detroit USA

A group exhibition at the Museum of New Art.

2004 - 'Foto America 2004', Chile

Cultural Centre Es Pantagruélico Santiago Chile

A group exhibition at the Cultural Centre Es Pantagruélico.

2004 - 'Lies, lust, art & fashion', Germany

Podewil Berlin Germany

2003 - 'Melting pop', Italy

Palazzo delle Papesse Siene Italy

2003 - 'Fundancion foto colectania', Spain

Artium Vitoria-Gazteis Spain

2002 - 'Amsterdam Revisited - Adam & Eve : On sex, Tolerance', The Netherlands

De Appel Amsterdam The Netherlands

2002 - 'Citizen K. exhibition', France

Mois de la Photo Paris France

2002 - 'The mask; il volto plurale', Italy

La Giarina Arte Contemporanea Verona Verona Italy

2002 - 'Shock & Show. Realtra e Alternative', Italy

Mostra Internazionale D’arte Contemporánea Trieste Italy

A group exhibition at Mostra Internazionale D’arte Contemporánea.

2001 - 'Transphotographiques', France

Transphotographiques Lille France

2001 - 'The Body of Art', Spain

Bienal de Valencia Valencia Spain

A group exhibition at the Bienal de Valencia.

2001 - 'Action' Erwin Olaf & Paul Smith', Ireland

Galway Art Centre Galway Ireland

2000 - 'Bodies, Clothing, Surfaces', Germany

Museum Für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany

A group exhibition at the Museum Für Kunst und Gewerbe.

1991 - 'Haks Was Here', The Netherlands

Groninger Museum Groningen The Netherlands

A group exhibition at the Groninger Museum.

1998 - 'The deadly sins', The Netherlands

Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie Amsterdam The Netherlands

1997 - 'Triptych', The Netherlands

Museum Van Bommel Van Dam Venlo The Netherlands

1996 - 'Home is where the heart is', The Netherlands

Fremdkorper Westergasfabriek Amsterdam The Netherlands

1994 - 'Ten years of European photo prize', Germany

Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche Bad Homburg Germany

1993 - 'Manipulation', The Netherlands

Staten Gallery The Hague The Netherlands

1992 - 'Illusions and travestissements', France

AB Gallery Paris France

1991 - 'The fourth wall', The Netherlands

Oude Kerk Amsterdam The Netherlands

1989 - 'Exuberance now! Less is a bore', The Netherlands

Groninger Museum Groningen The Netherlands

1988 - 'Behold the Man', UK

The Photographers' Gallery London UK

A group exhibition atThe Photographers' Gallery.

1987 - 'Nudity in front of the camera', The Netherlands

Meervaart Theatre Amsterdam The Netherlands

1986 - 'Manner sehen manner', Germany

Kunstverein Frankfurt Germany

1985 - 'The art of seduction', The Netherlands

Melkweg Amsterdam The Netherlands

1984 - 'Foto 1984', The Netherlands

Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam The Netherlands

1983 - 'Among men/Among women', The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands

2019 - 'Fiction and Fabrication', Portugal

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) Lisbon Portugal

2017 - Vogue Like a Painting, South-Korea

Hangaram Art Museum. Seoul Arts Center Seoul South-Korea